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We offer a wide range of MBSE-related training courses to help you enhance your competencies and MBSE adoption techniques by delivering deeper understanding and stronger foundation in the fundamental and practical aspects of MBSE and SysML. 

  • MBSE and SysML Introduction
  • MBSE and SysML Intermediate
  • Variant Management with SysML 

MBSE Strategy

Our MBSE strategy is a set of goal-directed actions that aim to gain and sustain superior performance. We cannot stress enough the perks of MBSE strategies in creating competitive advantage and having a unique positioning in your market. 

We will guide you through every step of the way towards better adopting MBSE with our strategy services and develop a strategic plan for your future endeavors and MBSE journey. 

    • MBSE As-Is Assessment
    • MBSE Business Case Development
    • MBSE Project Management
    • MBSE Analysis and Review

MBSE Implementation

You came to the right people if you need to deploy a solution that leverages a specific methodology, elite results and a healthy ROI.  

We seek to create alignment with your MBSE strategy objectives. Hand in hand, we will lead you on the right path towards business growth. 

    • Systems Modelling Method Development
    • SysML Profile Implementation
    • Models Verification and Validation
    • Systems Modelling Tool Customization



We offer a wide range of AI-related training courses to help you enhance your competencies and optimize the MBSE adoption using the suitable AI techniques by delivering deeper understanding and stronger foundation in the fundamental and practical aspects of the data behind MBSE and of the potential AI4MBSE solutions.  

  • AI4MBSE Introduction 
  • AI4MBSE Intermediate 
  • AI4MBSE Bespoke 

    AI Strategy

    SysDICE is here to work with your team to build a project plan and approach to introduce AI into your MBSE projects. We consider both short and longterm benefits to the organization for integrating new AI technologies. By utilizing an AI Strategy, we enable stakeholders to leverage guided decision making along with an aerial view of the impact, risks, opportunities, and limitations in existing complex systems. 

      AI R&D


      SysDICE R&D department continually look for new methods and approaches to improve the products and services with AI technology. Our team is seeking ways to continuously improve expertise in the field of Natural Language Processing (NLP), adopt state-of-the-art technologies and innovative approaches in AI4MBSE field. 


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